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Want To Earn Money Flipping Houses In Your Local Area?

Here Are The Most Common Questions I Get From House Flipping Newbies

Without the right skills and knowledge, it will cost you a lot more.

Our system gives you everything you need to start and grow your wholesaling business.

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Get 12 months access to our on-demand Flip That REI Academy online course. These easy-to-follow videos will teach you the best strategies to find, high-paying flip deals.


Once a month, Dr. White holds a member-only Livestream to coach you on crucial real estate business skills and answer your questions.


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Having a good coach can make all  the Difference

Dr. White is the CEO of The DRJ Group, a consulting and information marketing company focused on helping entrepreneurs, real estate investors and trainers build sustainable profitable businesses. He has over 20 years of experience in the real estate investing market and was one of the first African Americans to coach wholesaling on a national level. 

All The Information You Need To Build A Successful Real Estate Business

The market is flooded with real estate investing online courses, bloated training platforms and personality-driven hype. 

But what you actually need to learn is to build a real business. This course is all about helping you master the key areas of the real estate wholesaling business. You'll learn the basics of sales, marketing, and the closing process.


Free Access To The Flip That Beginners Webinar 

You been saying your going to start investing in real estate forever. You've watched all the tv shows and joined the Facebook groups and been to all the free workshops. If you are still undecided watch this free webinar and stop procrastinating. 


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Have you been thinking about becoming a Real Estate Investor or started trying to wholesale houses but haven’t been able to be successful?

Then this book is what you need, it is a comprehensive Goldmine. 

Now is the time to Be FEARLESS, there may never be another real estate market like there is right now.

This insightful book gives you the roadmap you've been waiting for to stop procrastinating and build your real estate empire.


CONCRETE JUNGLE: Survival Secrets for the Real World

Each chapter in Concrete Jungle is like a mini-coaching session that will help you achieve your personal and organizational goals.

Remember, you are the designer of your life.  You have the power to unlock your potential and Concrete Jungle: Survival Secrets for the Real World will show you how.


Successful Students From Our Flip That Real Estate Academy

Yolanda R.

Yolanda a wife and mom closed her first real estate deal within 90 days.

Robert K.

Robert, a stay-at-home dad turned a part-time job into a full-time income.

Ebony B.

Ebony closed 2 deals her first 90 days to make almost $20,000

There May Never Be A Better Time This Century To Get Into Real Estate.

stop procrastinating or you'll be kicking yourself later. Every day people across the country are making money flipping houses. What's holding you back from getting started?

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